The pointe of the Island just West of Cove Beach and North of Slam Walls is the private sancuary for the Lieber family. Do Not Trespass in this Area Unless You Are Invited By A Member of The Lieber Family !!! Slam Walls on the west side of the Island is a "Cliffy" area where the ocean slams against the "Walls". It is an excellent place to watch the end of the day. Sunny's Pointe is an excellent place to be to welcome the coming of the new day. It is on the East side of the Island and named after The Lieber family's dog, Sunny. Rum's Run is the anchorage for large sail boats that draw alot of water. South Beach is were the port is. Most people coming and going will do just that at the port. It is the main recreation area of the island and were the Town is located.