1. Do Not irritate Mike, If you do you may be banished from the Island. Seeing how public transportation is not readily avalible, you should only be a very good swimmer to violate this rule.

2. Do not irritate others. If any one is irritated by you, please seek refuge somewhere else. That Means, MOVE AWAY.

3. No drinking alcoholic beverages between Day Start and Day End. This is so you can enjoy yourself during the day with out the ill effects of alcohol and you are around during the Day End celebration.

4. No Hunting ,"Sport Fishing" or Spear Fishing. Fish products can be harvested only for consumption. Other Meat products will be supplied by the main land.

5. If you celebrate your birthday on the Island, it must be a celebration of growing older, NOT UP!

6. Do not correct "Captain" Mike's spelling or english. Language is for communicating and as long as you know what he is saying, then there is no problem.

7. COMMON LAWS ARE ALL IN EFFECT ON THE ISLAND. If you do not understand what "Common Law" is, do not come.

8. Lieber's law. The Captian reserves the right to change at any time any of the laws listed here and the right to make them up as he goes.


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